Craig Mayhem - Voice Superhero

 Who is Craig Mayhem?

I do voice overs.

Need commercial, narration, accents, impressions or characters?

I can record and produce your entire project from my home studio.

But I can provide a great natural read or even multiple characters and voices for your project!

My specialties are heroic, bizarre and extreme cartoon voices.

Check out my demos!


As Drax the Destroyer

On Stage


My rates are simple and flexible.  Here are some simple guidelines to get us started:


  • 30 second commercial: $50
  • 60 second commercial: $100
  • Up to 5 minute narration: $100/minute
  • More than 5 minute narration: Contact me – We’ll work out a great deal! 
  • Up to 5 minute short subject animation / film / video:  $100/minute
  • More than 5 minute short subject animation / film / video:  Contact me!

Need something else for our first project together? Multiple characters or unique project? Got a tight budget and can’t afford these rates?

Let me know, and we’ll work out a great price!


I make guitars

Contact Me

Call or text me at 314-680-3968 or use the contact form below to email me.

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I'm a Sideshow Strongman

I Do Things

I’m not just a voiceover artist! Here are some of the things I do when I’m not making funny noises with my mouth:

Schmeil Diamond

 Schmeil Diamond

Schmeil Diamond is St. Louis’ only Neil Diamond tribute act. I’ve appeared on Fox 2 in the morning and on America’s Got Talent 2012 season. As you can see I pride myself on getting the 1970’s Neil Diamond look down to the glitter cummerbund! Schmeil is different than other tribute acts as it’s a very silly and fun show where the jokes fly with the drinks but the music and singing is as close to Neil as possible.

If you want to book Schmeil for your event, contact me and we’ll work it out!

Check out Schmeil on Facebook!


Eddie ‘Hot Dog’ LaGrange

Eddie is a circus strongman. You can find Eddie performing in the Beggar’s Carnivale and in sideshow events around St. Louis. Feats of strength include breaking baseball bats, rolling frying pans, bending steel and smashing concrete with his head.

Eddie LaGrange


Sometimes I even keep my clothes on! I love playing characters and this is one of my favorite ways to do it! I’ve played a pig, a rabbit Ned Stark, Drax the Destroyer, Wash from Firefly and oh so many more.



I play a mix of traditional Irish folk tunes and originals on guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandolin and tin whistle.





I’ve worked with several even planning companies as characters for some awesome events! I’ve been an elf, a swamp monster, a zombie, a scarecrow, a mad scientist… Yes, it’s mostly around Halloween!


Cigar Box Guitars

I make instruments out of cigar boxes, whiskey boxes, lunchboxes and all sorts of other weird things. Check out my site, Mayhem Box.





Live Appearances

Want to see me in person? Here’s what I’ve got coming up!

No shows booked at the moment.